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Shipping & Returns

Electro Rádio Comercial offers its customers two ways to receive the products ordered in our Online Store.

The customer can choose to pick up his order at the store (hand delivery) or send it via a carrier.
If the customer chooses delivery by carrier with payment on delivery, the price of the order must be added by the amount of the refund fee.

In mainland Portugal, all orders with a value equal to or greater than 1000EUR have a refund rate offer.

The refund fee amount is calculated and displayed prior to confirmation of your order.

 - These conditions are only valid for ground floors .

ERC - Electro Rádio Comercial does not assume any responsibility for any delays that may arise, caused by the carrier, in the delivery of the goods.

For situations not covered by these conditions, you should contact us for more information.

In accordance with current Portuguese legislation:

Right of free termination: In accordance with current legislation, the customer has a period of 14 days to terminate the contract without payment of compensation and without needing to indicate the reason. This period starts from the day the customer receives the order.
In order to exercise this right, the customer must send a registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt to the address indicated on the Website, communicating their wish to terminate the contract.

If you exercise this right, the customer must keep the products in order to be able to return them in the proper conditions of use to ERComercial, in the original packaging without damage and with manuals and all accessories, for 30 days.

ERComercial does not accept returns of products handled by the customer, products without original packaging or with damage or with broken seals, without manuals or other accessories that accompany the products, or goods that have been disturbed both in their main elements and in their accessories, or that are not able to be resold again.

If it is a technical problem, first contact the technical support of the product brand to solve the problem.
 - These conditions are only valid if the item or transport is defective.