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Automatic Coffee Machine Siemens CT636LEW1 White

Automatic Coffee Machine Siemens CT636LEW1 White
Automatic Coffee Machine Siemens CT636LEW1 White
Automatic Coffee Machine Siemens CT636LEW1 White
Automatic Coffee Machine Siemens CT636LEW1 White
Automatic Coffee Machine Siemens CT636LEW1 White
Built-in coffee maker with Home Connect for perfect coffee with maximum comfort.


  • SensoFlow System: Innovative heating system that ensures perfect espresso always, thanks to infusion at an ideal and constant temperature
  • One-touch preparation: Ristretto, Espresso, Macchiato Espresso, Coffee, Cappuccino, Latte Macchiato, Latte Mac
  • AromaDouble Shot: Extra-strong and simultaneously less bitter coffee thanks to two milling and infusion processes
  • Individual adjustment of beverage temperature - coffee: 3 levels; I-Temp
  • Possibility of attaching, as an option, Brita water filter: improves the taste of the drink and prolongs the durability of the appliance


  • TFT display with interactive menu
  • Memorize your favorites with personalized milk and coffee settings
  • Adjustable quantity of coffee: 3 stages per drink
  • Coffee outlet with adjustable height: suitable even for glasses with 15 cm in height (eg for Latte Macchiato)
  • OneTouch DoubleCup: Simultaneously prepare two coffee / milk beverages.
  • Removable tank for 2.4 liters of water
  • Warning when the coffee or water tank is close to empty
  • Flexible milk solution: offers the option of connecting a container to a single milk or any other container, such as a milk package
  • Small handy manual at hand inside the appliance


  • SilentCeram Drive: High quality ceramic grinding unit with noise reduction
  • CoffeeSensor System: The grinding unit adjusts automatically to the variety of coffee beans
  • One-touch coffee milk specialties with especially fine-pored milk froth thanks to an innovative milk frother
  • Possible to obtain milk foam, hot milk and hot water separately
  • Minimal warm-up time: fast first cup
  • 19 bar pressure system
  • Separate coffee powder deposit
  • Guarantee 15,000 cups: consistently high quality of the appliance, from the first cup to 15,000 (valid for non-commercial use within 24 months)

Home Connect

  • Home Connect: Remote control through App
  • Remote start: Select and configure the drinks in the app, then remotely start the beverage preparation
  • CoffeePlaylist: Enter the various drinks you want in the app.
  • CoffeeWorld: 17 additional international coffee specialties available in the app - from the Australian "Flat White" to the Colombian "Cut"
  • Coffee Specialties: The app offers a variety of coffee specialties, which can be transferred to the machine or Home Connect oven.
  • Coffee know-how: The app includes interesting information on the topic "coffee", ex. Varieties, harvest method or roasting techniques
  • Customer support: in the event of a technical problem, the Siemens customer support service is virtually able to access the machine - if it so wishes


  • Removable infusion unit: easy and hygienic cleaning in running water
  • Fully automatic cleaning of the milk system, through creamCleaner, after the preparation of each beverage.
  • All parts of the milk nozzle are removable, easy to clean, suitable for the dishwasher
  • SinglePortion Cleaning: Complete cleaning of all the tubes after each infusion process, guarantees an excellent coffee flavor and maximum hygiene
  • Automatic program of rapid washing in the power off, on the appliance
  • Drip tray with coffee grounds container
  • Calc'nClean: Automatic cleaning and descaling program
  • Recalls when necessary change of water filter, decalcification, cleaning

Dimension and weight

  • Capacity of the coffee bean container: 500 g
  • Water tank capacity: 2.4 l
  • Depth: 385 mm
  • Height: 455 mm
  • Width: 594 mm
  • Niche dimensions for installation: 449 x 558 x 356 mm

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